Fleamapket.com is a listing repository specialized in showcasing the world’s best places to shop for antiques and vintage. The team behind Fleamapket needed a solid WordPress theme, to help them easily manage and monetize a global directory site hosting hundreds of listings. In addition to a beautiful and seamlessly operating website featuring an interactive world map, they needed to be able to charge for listing submissions or take a fee from their customers for premium access to exclusive content offered through their website. We achieved setting up a beautiful and highly-functional website, while ensuring that the highest speed and security standards were met. Plugins and WordPress core files updates, security scanning, and backups are part of the day-to-day maintenance service we provide to the company.


Vintralab is an e-commerce website that sells digital downloads of enhanced quality images from original vintage luggage labels. Our client wanted a minimalist and lightweight platform that would load fast even with low bandwidth, look just as great on desktops as on mobile devices, and which would offer a seamless shopping & checkout experience (with a client management module). After investigating and testing a variety of plugins, we implemented a solution that would offer an advanced shopping experience combined with a secure checkout system (PayPal and Stripe), while ensuring that the speed imperative and multi-device user experience where respected.


VitangeLab was launched in May 2015 by two home decor and second hand furniture enthusiasts. They reached out to us to help them create an online marketplace, specifically dedicated to showcasing a selection of very specific merchandises from a handful of trusted professional eBay antiques dealers. The particularity of this marketplace is that it had to be able to store up to 1,000 carefully sorted and referenced items, and rely exclusively on eBay’s Affiliate program. On top of that, we implemented a technology that automatically “vacuums” a very specific range of eBay items, therefore helping dramatically reduce the website’s daily maintenance cost.